Sebastian The Smallest Bat Pup Of The Season - Isabella's Story

Isabella started with Bristol Bat Rescue this year and has played a vital role over the summer in rescuing our bat pups! She fell in love with bats during her dissertation concerning the Bechstein's bat at the University West of England, and is now working towards a bat licence and a very batty future.

She wanted to share with you her favourite bat story of 2019, enjoy!

Sebastian was my first ever pup rescue and I was shocked at how small he actually was! A lady found him under her outside furniture cushion and didn’t know he was a bat at first.

At first we attempted to reunite the bat with his mother that evening; many bats were flying around but unfortunately the reunite didn’t work. The rescuer and her daughter were quite upset that he was going to leave them as they became quite attached, but they named him Sebastian and then I left on my way.

My car actually broke down on the way to dropping him off to the Bristol Bat Rescue HQ, it was very late at night and I was worried about his welfare as he was so small! Bat pups can die very quickly if they are away from their mothers for too long.

Luckily another bat carer arrived to take him to the hospital and I waited for someone to help me get my car fixed. It was a very long evening but a successful rescue all the same!

Sebastian had no injuries and seemed in good health, but was possibly one of the smallest pups we had seen all season. The picture to the left shows how small he was in comparison to a pup who was the same age, he is the smaller of the two! He’s doing very well now, has gotten little bigger and is now at the North Devon Flight Cage ready to be released into the wild.

He was my first ever bat rescue and one that I will never forget!

By Isabella Stephens



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