BBR looking back at 2019!

Updated: Jan 13

What a year Bristol Bat Rescue has had! Here are ten reasons we have to be thankful for the past year and why we look forward to stepping into a brand new year - 2020.

1. Becoming an Official Charity! - Bristol Bat Rescue became an official charity in April 2019, thanks to the hard and dedicated work that the co-founders and the BBR team have put in to saving our bat species.

2. Our Team Expanding - We are always stronger together! Bristol Bat Rescue started off as Avon Bat Care run by Kiri and Stew, and when Ashley joined it became Bristol Bat Rescue. Thanks to their hard work promoting bat care and the charity, we now have a team of over 14 individuals.

3. The Bat Conservation Trust - Without their hard work and dedication we would not be able to run nor be able to train or care for bats, without their fantastic guidelines and training courses. Find out more about BCT here.

4. North Devon Bat Care - Sam Pickering who runs this bat care is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant bat carers that we know, without whom we would not have been able to save the amount of pups that we have this year. She has a fantastic flight cage and amazing knowledge; we are truly grateful for everything you have done for us this year and previous years.

5. Our BBR Team - Kiri and Stew, as many of you know had a baby this year, and without our fantastic BBR team, they would not have been able to both help care for bats and look after their adorable newborn Rowan. Thank you to all of our team for the blood, sweat and tears you have put in to saving our batty friends.

6. Our Bat Surrogate Mothers - Nai and Sophie did a brilliant job this summer caring for our bat pups, and we cannot express how vital these two ladies were for our bats. They assisted Kiri and Stew with caring for bat pups, who were caring for up to 12 pups as well as their son, Rowan. We would not have been able to save as many pups as we did, and we saved over 40 pups this year!

7. Mimi Media - Mia Rumble and other film makers we have worked with this year have enabled us to get the message out to the public about how badly our bats need our help. We are all so grateful to Mia who runs Mimi Media as she not only designed our logo, but our website and directed and filmed many of our most popular videos on our YouTube.

8. Students Support - We have had so many students contacting us this year and although we have not been able to help you all we are so thankful for the continued support that you have been showing us. Connie and Roxy who have both come from UWE filming courses have been brilliant to work with and we would love to work with more students in 2020!

9. Snuffy Jacks - Our Hallowe'en event would not have been half as successful if it wasn't for this fantastic little pub hosting us. We are so glad that you agreed to do so and it was such a hit we hope this can be a yearly Hallowe'en occurrence!

10. Finally a Massive Thank You to YOU! Yes you! - Thank you so much to the public, all of you that have supported us from the very beginning, that have raised money and donated money to us, to help save our bat species.

By working together we will #helpsaveourbats!

We look forward to meeting more like minded people at our January event who want to help save our UK bat species. Bring on 2020! #battyaboutbats

Want to make a difference to our bat species? Make your new years resolution to help save our bats! Donate here!



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