A Sticky Situation - Ashley's Story

The Weirdest Story of 2019!

Ashley would like to share with you her most unusual bat rescue of 2019.

Bristol Bat Rescue was contacted to rescue a bat that had gotten itself into difficulty at a school in Pensford.

When Ashley arrived at the school, the bat had squeezed himself between a concrete tile and the stone wall of the school building. Despite her gentle coaxing with numerous implements, (a cloth, bamboo cane and ruler) the little pipistrelle went underneath the concrete tile, out of Ashley's reach!

She left a box over the top of the crack with water with the hope the bat would come out overnight. The teacher who contacted us said they would let her know if the bat came out. The next day the teacher texted her and said the bat had come out from under the concrete tile but was still deep in the crack and was absolutely refusing to come out.

Ashley was unable to retrieve the bat the next day and so, after posting the situation on our WhatsApp and Facebook group, Pete and Liz from Frome Bat Care came to the little pips rescue! They had to lift the 60 x 60 x 5cm paving slab as it had disappeared under it again, using a crowbar! He had stuck his body under the next slab but had left his rear end visible. They were able to coax him out by putting a bent cable tie in front of his nose and he eventually reversed out.

He turned out to be a soprano pipistrelle and is doing okay at Frome Bat Care. He has had medication and has eaten and even flown a little! There was a little bit of sticky unknown substance on his tail membrane which had gone hard, but Pete and Liz applied some olive oil to soften it. He has perked up and is grooming so hopefully he will be able to remove it himself. Pete and Liz said they would update us on his progress!

This is why the need for bat carers and ambulance drivers is so high! We need help to rescue our beloved bat species. If you know of anyone, or you might be interested, please get in touch!

This is also a perfect example of when even a dire situation can be turned around by great communication. It’s such a rewarding feeling when you are able to help wildlife; we cannot wait to hear more updates from the Frome Bat Carers on his recovery.

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