6 ways you can help bats in 2020!

Some of the most common inquires that we get are 'how did you become a bat carer?' and 'what can I do to help?', well here is a little blog post to help you become as batty as us at Bristol Bat Rescue!

1. Take a look at the Bat Conservation Trust website - BCT have numerous projects that you can be apart of, you can raise money and learn more about bat ecology and bat care by taking a look at their website here.

2. Join your local bat group - You can find your local bat group on BCT or by just doing a quick little google search. By joining your bat group you can help promote bat conservation, assist in their conservation, improve public attitudes and education, get advice on sick and injured bats and carry out surveys. Take a look at the Avon Bat Groups website for the Bristol Area. This also means you meet bat carers that can help train you up!

3. Train up as a bat ambulance driver - If you have access to a car, and you would like to start getting involved then picking up and delivering injured bats that need rescuing is a great starting point. Join us at BBR.

4. Get your rabies vaccination - Although there is a very low risk of contracting rabies in the UK, if you would like to become a bat carer being vaccinated is essential. It can be done on the NHS but can be costly. If you have been volunteering and training to become a bat carer then you can get your vaccinations free on BCT if you have a letter proving you have been training to be one.

5. Take part in batty events - BCT hold numerous events for new and experienced bat carers, all of which can be incredibly useful, especially if you are wanting to rescue our bat species. Take a look here.

6. Become a registered bat carer - Once you have worked with another bat carer for numerous months, you are rabies vaccinated and they are happy with your training, they can give you a reference and you can become a registered bat carer for BCT. This means that you are allowing for the public to be able to contact you if they find a bat in distress or injured.

You will become a true bat superhero!

Find out more here: How do I get started?

And do not forget to come to our event on the 9th January! We are hosting a training event, if you are interested then please attend, venue TBC.

Remember, by working together we can help save our bat species! #saveourbats



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