Bristol Bat Rescue is a group of dedicated people who rescue, rehabilitate and release UK bat species. 

Over the last century British bat populations have suffered major declines due to an increase in human and bat conflict and a decrease in suitable habitats and roosts. 

Bat conservation efforts have been impacted by the public misunderstanding bats, viewing them in a negative light due to many urban myths. There is also a misconception that they are flying vermin as they look similar to rodents. 

Bristol Bat Rescue wants to be able to not only rescue bats but try and change public opinion on these amazing creatures. 


Members of the public contact us directly or are referred to us by the Bat Conservation Trust helpline, informing us of a bat in need of rescue. Local veterinary clinics and the RSPCA also pass bats on to us in need of aid.  Bats from other bat carers are also taken on by us if this is required. 


Once collected the bat is assessed for injures and illnesses. It will then fall into one of four categories. 

  • Short term bats - bats that need rehydration and food, then release will follow. 

  • Injured bats - bats requiring veterinary assistance, medication and longterm care. 

  • Hand-rearing - orphaned bats reared until old enough for release. 

  • Overwintering - can include a mixture of juveniles and adults rescued during winter.  

Pre-release Flight/Assessment- All bats will undergo a flight assessment before release.


A charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of British bat species

Registered Charity No: 1182760

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